Crezt Monarch™️ LLC is a luxury unisex streetwear brand based in North Carolina. Founded by Artist, Designer Chelsea King in June,2020. We focus on giving our clients & customers a wide variety of fashion within our collections at an affordable price point. Crezt Monarch hopes to bring luxury and streetwear together encouraging diversity in the urban fashion industry.

We focus on becoming one of the Top Fashion Brands in the world by being authentic, inspiring craftsmanship & providing luxurious pieces. Our brand mission statement is “NO CLOUT JUST RICHES”. We aim to inspire our customers to be the best version of themselves, chase dreams & riches.  

Every simple detail in our brand is authentic & created by Chelsea King (owner). 
We hand pick our fabrics, customize our own designs, graphics & colors to make sure our customers experience is great. From clicking on our website to package being delivered on your doorstep. 

Crezt Monarch isn’t just a clothing brand it’s a LIFE$TYLE. 


"Crezt" : /crest/ - TOP |

"Monarch": /mon·arch/ - KING/QUEEN